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Advanced Composite Adhesive Dentistry

One Day-Live Demonstration Course – Hands On Learning.

Charlotte, NC

Saturday, Jun 15, 2019  |  08:00 AM – 05:00 PM Pacific  |  Price: $995

Course Details

Advanced Composite Adhesive Dentistry: One Day-Live Demonstration Course – Hands On Learning

This course is designed for the Restoring Dentist, Expanded Function Assistant, and Hygienists placing sealants. Everything from Sealants to Complex Direct Composite Build Ups

Dr. Shoup is a Fellow in the AGD and has pioneered many of the techniques he demonstrates. He is a Board member of the Academy of Microscope Enhanced Dentistry, Member of the Academy of Biomimetic Dentistry, and the ADA. He lectures across the country as well as in Great Britain, Kenya, Italy, Japan, and Canada. Dr. Shoup instructs faculty and dental students in numerous dental schools across the country. Dr. Shoup is an Opinion Leader for several dental manufacturers and suppliers. Dr. Shoup maintains a full-time restorative practice in Indianapolis Indiana and is the VP and Clinical Technical Director for ToothWares, an in office dental consulting firm that combines both the team leadership training with the technical training for the doctor to deliver cutting edge dentistry.

Course Description:

Under the direction of your instructor Dr. Randy Shoup, a step by step approach with live demonstration of the entire direct composite placement process creating durable, functional and aesthetically pleasing restoration. Dr. Shoup is a pioneer in the delivery of high precision restorative dentistry, utilizing advanced composite adhesive techniques designed to create restorations that return the tooth to full function, aesthetics and longevity! The sealant process provides the tooth with a greater than 90% chance of never having decay!! Dr. Shoup will mentor attendees in using the demonstration equipment in the front of the room-learn techniques to utilize immediately and implement into your daily treatment.

Learning Objectives:
  • Understand the principles and concepts of dentin and enamel adhesion
  • Identify and use the equipment and techniques for enamel and dentin conditioning prior to adhesive bonding.
  • Remove the bacterial biofilm from enamel pits and fissures
  • Learn polymerization shrinkage, polymerization stress and configuration factor, and incremental placement
  • Use a simplified composite placement process
  • Experience the benefits of magnification in creating quality restorations
  • Perfectly sculpt direct composites with the tooth acting as your guide

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